Joint Stock Company
«Research Institute of Measuring Equipment –
Radio Equipment Design named after A.M. Breigin»
(JSC NIIIT-RK n.a. A.M. Breigin)

JSC NIIIT-RK n.a. A.M. Breigin

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Dear Sirs!
I introduce to you one of the leading Russian enterprises in designing modern radio-electronic means of navigation, air traffic control and landing of land- and naval-based aircrafts - Joint Stock Company "Research Institute of Measuring Equipment⁠–⁠Radio Equipment Design" (JSC NIIIT⁠–⁠RK), located in Chelyabinsk.
50 years of continuous scientific and technological activities of the institute and experience gathered from research work, designing and introducing products into serial manufacture, as well as operational service of the radio-technical complexes and equipment in Russia allow us to guarantee reliability and high quality of technological solutions, works and services provided by the institute.
Despite all the hardships, that Russian research and industrial entities have gone through, our institute managed to stay operational, preserve its scientific capabilities, keep its designing, manufacturing and testing facilities, which allows us not only to continue to develop our designated field of activities, but also to adopt prospective lines of development as part of convertibility.
We would be pleased to know that information on activities performed by the team of NIIIT⁠–⁠RK have interested you.
Best regards,
Aleksandr Breigin