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«Research Institute of Measuring Equipment –
Radio Equipment Design named after A.M. Breigin»
(JSC NIIIT-RK n.a. A.M. Breigin)

JSC NIIIT-RK n.a. A.M. Breigin

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Integrated automated data-measuring system for hydrometeorological safety of Naval Aviation flights "KASMETEO-K-B"

The system is intended for gathering, processing, analysis and displaying hydrometeorological and service information for operational support of flight safety of Naval Aviation.

The system performs the following functions:

1) measuring meteorological parameters:
- speed and direction of airflow;
- atmospheric pressure;
- temperature and relative air humidity;
- cloudbase height;
- optical visibility;

2) receipt and display of satellite and facsimile meteorological information;

3) determination of weather conditions by means of a weather radar.

The system scope includes basic weather stations, ATC tower equipment, and flight control post equipment.