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Product PS04-316M

PS04-316М is designed to measure the peak pulse power value at the operating frequencies of transmitters СОМ-64, СО-69, СО-70, СО-72М, А-511 and their modifications.

PS04-316М can be used for tuning, repair and verification of airborne equipment transmitters in the conditions of the field aerodrome, repair shops, laboratories and in OEM premises.

PS04-316М allows measuring power when connected both directly to the output of above transmitters, and to their test connectors.

PS04-316М is designed to operate under the following conditions:
- temperature from minus 50 to +50 °C;
- maximum relative humidity up to 98% with a temperature not exceeding 25 °C.

Technical characteristics:
- power measurement limits are (0.1-5000.0) W;
- frequency range is from 700 to 1200 MHz;
- wave resistance of HF path is 50 Ω;
- power supply from AC mains voltage of (115.00±5.75) V and frequency of 400 Hz;
- power consumption is maximum 5 VA.

Weight of PS04-316М along with accessories is maximum 7.5 kg, in package - 38 kg.

Overall dimensions in package are (545×565×565) mm; without package - (174×265×340) mm.