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Product PS16-521M2

PS16-521М2 is designed for operational and periodic maintenance of airborne transponders СОМ-64, СО-69, СО-72М, А-511 in ATC and RBS (A, C, D) modes, PRL and P-35 through air and through HF and LF cables.
PS16-521М2 is a portable simulator of ground-based ATC radar signals and is designed to test the performance, sensitivity, fault-detection, checking frequencies and response information of aircraft transponders.

PS16-521М2 is designed to operate under the following conditions:
- temperature from -50 to +50 °C;
- maximum relative humidity up to 98% with a temperature not exceeding 25 °C.

Up-time of PS16-521М2 from the moment of powering-on does not exceed 2 minutes, continuous operation time is maximum 8 hours.

Composition of PS16-521М2 includes PS16-521М2.1 and PS16-521М2.2 devices.

PS16-521М2.1 device is designed to generate coded request signals and transmit them to the air via transceiver antennas. The aircraft transponder receives these signals, decodes them and outputs coded response signals, coming to data processing units through transceiver antennas of the PS16-521M2.1 device and receiving path.

PS16-521М2.2 device is designed for:
- checking the reverse resistance and seed current of the crystal video detectors of antennas of bands I and II of the transponder;
- checking functioning of antennas of bands I and II of the transponder in combined action with PS16-521М2.1 device;
- checking the constant voltages of transceiver of airborne transponders.

Power consumption of PS16-521М2.1 from AC mains (115±6) V is max. 60 VA, PS16-521М2.2 is max 15 VA.

- of PS16-521M2.1 device – no more than 15 kg;
- of PS16-521M2.2 device – no more than 2.3 kg;
- of PS16-521М2 in package – no more than 86 kg.

Overall dimensions:
- of PS16-521М2.1 device – (440x285x370) mm;
- of PS16-521М2.2 device – (165x270x135) mm;
- of ПС16-521М2 device (two boxes in container): PS16-521М2.1 device – (750x590x670) mm, PS16-521М2.2 – (750x590x510) mm.