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«Research Institute of Measuring Equipment –
Radio Equipment Design named after A.M. Breigin»
(JSC NIIIT-RK n.a. A.M. Breigin)

JSC NIIIT-RK n.a. A.M. Breigin

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Shipborne compact radio-technical complex of near-field navigation and approach support for helicopters В-7М2

The complex is designed for radio-technical support of near-field navigation, flight control, approach and landing of helicopters, equipped with avionics of А-340 (А-380) type.

While providing near-field navigation and flight control azimuth/range measuring, the radar beacon of the complex performs:
- detection and autotracking of the helicopter in the ship's area;
- transmission and receipt of navigation signals for automatic detection of the helicopter's azimuth and range with respect to the ship and display of the same on the helicopter and on the ship;
- sending one-time commands and target coordinates to the helicopter;
- sending the ship's coordinates, course and speed information to the helicopter;
- receipt and display of digital data (frame number, flight height, fuel remainder, target coordinates, etc.);
- providing the aircraft with calculated ship coordinates (Xs, Ys) with respect to the benchmark position and the ship geographical coordinates obtained from the ship's navigation system.

When supporting a landing, the landing radar of the complex carries out:
- search, detection, auto-acquisition and auto-tracking of the helicopter in the ship's landing area;
- determination of the helicopter coordinates, closing speed and deviation from specified landing trajectory;
- transmission of approach control signals to helicopter.

The complex is installed on ships of projects 1155, 1144, 23900, 14400.