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«Research Institute of Measuring Equipment –
Radio Equipment Design named after A.M. Breigin»
(JSC NIIIT-RK n.a. A.M. Breigin)

JSC NIIIT-RK n.a. A.M. Breigin

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Shipborne compact radio-technical complex of near-field navigation and approach support for helicopters V-7МС1

The complex is designed for provision of near-field navigation and approach of helicopters, equipped with avionics of А-380 (А-340) type.

For radio-technical support of near-field navigation, flight and approach control, the complex carries out:
- transmission and receipt of navigation signals for automatic detection of azimuth and range both on the helicopter and on the ship;
- sending one-time commands as well as coordinates of specified points, assigned by automated combat management system and workstation of the complex, to the helicopter;
- sending the ship's coordinates, course and speed information to the helicopter;
- receipt and display of digital data (frame number, flight height, fuel remainder, target coordinates, etc.);
- display of coordinate and symbol information (plots) of helicopters and ships of the squadron on the complex workstation;
- calculation of rectangular coordinates of the ship (used to guide the aerial vehicle to a specified point and to proceed through intermediate route points);
- record and replay of flight information;
The complex is installed on ships of projects 22350, 22100.