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«Research Institute of Measuring Equipment –
Radio Equipment Design named after A.M. Breigin»
(JSC NIIIT-RK n.a. A.M. Breigin)

JSC NIIIT-RK n.a. A.M. Breigin

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Shipborne automated radio-technnical complex of short-range navigation, flight control, approach and landing of naval aviation aircrafts and helicopters V-16М

The complex is intended for provision of radio technical support of short-range navigation, flight control, approach and landing of ship-based aerial vehicles (aircrafts of Su-33, MiG-29K type and helicopters of Ka-27, Ka-29 type), equipped with onboard avionics of А-380 (А-340) type and their modifications A-380MC and A-380MKE, as well as with radar transponders operating in RBS (3А/С) and Мk ХII (1, 2, 3А/С) modes and onboard equipment of the helicopter satellite landing system;

- azimuth/range measuring radar beacon (RB), intended for near-field navigation of ship-based aerial vehicles;
- secondary radar (SR), intended for detection, coordinate measuring (azimuth and range), tracking of aerial vehicles equipped with radar transponders, replying for interrogation in "3/А, С", "1" and "2" modes;
- approach control station (ACS), intended for supporting the aerial vehicle landing simultaneously in instrument mode and air traffic controller assistance mode, equipped with two channels of data transmission to aircraft;
- microwave landing system (MLS), intended to provide instrument approach;
- flight management support complex (FMSC), intended to gather and process information on air situation and displaying it to air traffic controllers of naval aviation flight control group, during all stages within service area of the complex;
- satellite radio-navigation system (SRNS), intended for radio technical support of the helicopter instrumental landing using signals of satellite radio-navigation systems and data transmission line;
- air traffic controller radar (ATCR), designed for radar control of air situation, obtaining radar information (azimuth and range) on all aircrafts located in ATCR detection area, including those not equipped with avionics and radar transponders.